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As a specialist, I was able to claim exclusion for certain Stage 1 measures, will I be able to claim exclusions under Stage 2 criteria?

Do I need to report on all the Stage 1 Meaningful Use measures?

I am an Eligible Provider who received a Medicaid Incentive for AIU (Adopt, Implement, or Upgrade). Is this the same as attesting to Meaningful Use?

I attested for Stage 1 MU in 2011 for a 90 day reporting period. I attested again for Stage 1 MU in 2012 for a full calendar year reporting period. Do I report Stage 2 MU in 2013?

I’m a physician who met the Medicaid Patient Volume threshold and received payment for adopting a certified EHR in 2013. Will I need to attest for Meaningful Use this year?

In looking at Stage 2 Meaningful Use criteria, I do not see the Core Measure related to reporting of Clinical Quality Measures (CQMs). Will I not report CQMs for Stage 2 MU?

What are the changes to CQM reporting in 2014?

What will happen if an Eligible Provider choses to not participate in the Medicare EHR Incentive Program?

Will I only need to attest for Meaningful Use for a 90 day period every year?

Will I report the same Meaningful Use measures for Stage 2?

Will there be audits conducted as part of the EHR Incentive Program?

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