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Practicing Medicine in the 21st Century

Today’s independent physicians are faced with challenges greater than ever before. No longer can physicians simply practice their craft of caring for patients. Linked to increasing scrutiny by the government and commercial payers, physicians must now prove better patient outcomes in the form of standardized data reporting. Those choosing not to participate will face penalties in the form of negative reimbursement adjustments or even worse, cancellation of lucerative insurance contracts. The independent physician can no longer afford to ‘wait and see’. The time is now to adopt 21st century healthcare technolgy.

Regent Medical Solutions Path to Success!

Many physician practices are already overworked. Members of their staff struggle just to keep up with current patient volume and responsibilities. The transition to Electronic Health Records, and subsequent Quality Initiatives, will add additional workload to an already burdened staff. It is without doubt this transition will affect a practice’s revenue, both in system costs and a temporary reduction in patient load.

No matter where a practice is in it’s journey to successful implementation of 21st century healthcare technology, Regent Medical Solutions can map out a Path to Success!  RMS Consultants mentor physicians and their staff to minimize the loss of time and revenue throughout the process.

EHR Selection

Choose the BEST Electronic Health Records system for YOUR practice!

EHR Implementation

Minimize the time and resources required to implement your new EHR!

EHR Optimization

Get the most from your EHR for both your staff and your patients!

Quality Improvement

Make the data work for you with participate in Quality Improvement Initiatives

Meaningful Use Stage 1

Earn incentives and avoid penalties by becoming a meaningful user of your EHR

Meaningful Use Stage 2

Keep moving forward through Stage 2 Meaningful Use

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