EHR Consulting

The first step in the transformation to Electronic Health Records involves the careful process of selecting the best EHR system for the practice’s environment, followed by a directed implementation of the chosen system.

EHR Selection Solutions

Selecting an EHR system is the most crucial decision a physician practice will make. EHR not only impacts how each encounter is recorded, but all aspects of patient care. EHR implementation will require fundamental modifications of all clinical and business processes. An EHR system is a large investment. The selection process takes considerable effort and can sometimes be frustrating. Regent Medical Solutions will partner with the practice to ease the burden of EHR selection. Make your first EHR choice the right EHR choice!

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EHR Implementation Solutions

EHR Implementation requires constant communication between internal staff and contracted vendors, excellent problem solving skills, and a significant amount of time to successfully complete the job. In today’s busy medical practice, the additional workload associated with an EHR implementation may impact the completion of everyday functions and ultimately, incoming revenue.

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