EHR Implementation

Electronic-Health-Records-ImplementationImplementing an Electronic Health Records (EHR) system can be a daunting process. EHR Selection requires diligence in selecting the right application for your practice. EHR Implementation requires constant communication between internal staff and contracted vendors, excellent problem solving skills, and a significant amount of time to successfully complete the job. In today’s busy medical practice, the additional workload associated with an EHR implementation may impact the completion of everyday functions and ultimately, incoming revenue.

A poor EHR implementation can set the stage for many future challenges, limiting the effective use of not only the EHR system, but also the practice’s overall workflow. Regent Medical Solutions Clinical Consultants have the experience and in-depth understanding to assist your practice in EHR Implementation. Regent Clinical Consultants possess multiple years of experience and have demonstrated success with mentoring physician practices. Their experience has also exposed them to multiple practice specialties as well as many leading EHR systems. Regent clinical consultants will work with your chosen EHR software vendor and IT service specialist, from the initial assessment through system go-live, to ensure the maximum performance of your EHR.

Our proven process of EHR Implementation involves the following:


  • Evaluation of a Practice’s Workflow, Needs and Objectives
  • Review of Practice Objectives and Goals
  • Development of Practice-Specific Action Plan

Implementation Issue Resolution

  • Monitor completion of tasks and workflow decisions related to EHR system build as noted on Practice Action Plan
  • Monitor resolution of questions and/or issues identified in Action Plan.

EHR Training Attendance

  • Attendance at either EHR Super User or End User training dates as specified for EHR system.
  • Function as interpreter / facilitator for questions and issue resolution as presented to trainer
  • Initiate final workflow design with specific focus on practice needs and evaluate training experience for users.
  • Address training issues with EHR vendor as needed.

Go-Live Preparation

  • Review practice Action Plan and vendor project plan in support of Go-Live readiness.
  • Facilitate mock go-live at practice during End User training.

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