Meaningful Use in 2014

In preceding years, medical practices may have managed their way through the many healthcare changes. In 2014, there is an even greater amount of information to absorb, and an even shorter period for which to learn it. The most dramatic change facing meaningful users is EHR certification. All eligible professionals (EPs) will be required to use a 2014 Edition EHR; regardless of what Meaningful Use stage they are currently on. The new certification supports all stages of Meaningful Use. There is no such thing as being “Stage 1 Certified” or “Stage 2 Certified” – 2014 Edition EHR technology has the ability to support all stages of Meaningful Use. Included in the 2014 Certification Standards is the requirement that EPs have EHR technologies with capabilities certified for the MU core and menu set objectives and measures for the stage of MU they seek to achieve. Additionally in 2014, EHR technologies must meet the definition of a base EHR. A base EHR is defined as EHR technology that includes patient demographic and clinical health information, such as medical history and problem lists; and has the capacity to:

  • Provide clinical decision support
  • Support physician order entry
  • Capture and query information relevant to health care quality
  • Exchange electronic health information with, and integrate such information from other sources
  • Protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of health information stored and exchanged

The 2014 Certification Standards include important updates that will set the ground rules for interoperability and patient engagement. Additionally, beginning this year, the reporting of clinical quality measures (CQMs) will change for all providers. 2014 certified EHRs contain new CQM criteria, and EPs will report using the new criteria regardless of whether they are in Stage 1 or Stage 2. Vendors with certified EHRs were obligated to have their 2014 software versions ready by January 1st, 2014. That does not mean, however, individual customers will be able to implement the new software at that point. It is important to begin a dialogue with the practice’s EHR vendor to understand how it plans on moving clients over to the 2014 version. Fortunately, because CMS anticipated that there would be some challenges for practices and vendors during this transition, it is allowing ALL participants in the program only a ninety day reporting period for 2014 only.

 Stage of Meaningful Use for EPs
First Year of Participation20112012201320142015*2016
2011Stage 1Stage 1Stage 1Stage 2Stage 2Stage 3
2012Stage 1Stage 1Stage 2Stage 2Stage 3
2013Stage 1Stage 2Stage 2
2014Stage 1Stage 1Stage 2

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